New Photos from Washington, Illinois

These pictures are from the exact same neighborhood I went to in November, 2013. (Scroll down to see November photos.) I hope to interview the tornado survivors I spoke to back then to see how they’re doing.  As you may know, residents from Washington will receive state aid but they did not qualify for FEMA funds. Washington, Illinois is about a 90 minute drive from the Quad Cities. (Some street names have been shaded out to preserve the privacy of homeowners.)

Peoria Journal-Star
Story about Red Cross efforts

Here are only a few of the many Washington area news stories about recovery efforts. The city is still seeking volunteers!


Tornado Damage and Stories from Survivors in Washington, Illinois

Click to Listen: Don Keley, Washington, Illinois resident

Click to Listen: Katie Petravick describes how her family found out their house was destroyed.

Click to Listen: Eric and Tiffany Judd Siblings describe how their mom survived the tornado.

Follow this link to the slide show on You Tube. flag holder