Random Photos

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Gluba and Roberts

Journalist Cokie Roberts and Mayor of Davenport Bill Gluba at a WVIK fundraiser, March 27, 2014.

Flying into Midway Airport on Independence Day I had the idea to see if I could see fireworks from the plane, and if so, videotape them.

Every little flash of light you see is probably consumer-grade fireworks. You can also see some large, professional ones going off.

I only had my little Samsung still camera with me so the contrast is not very sharp, but at least it was a clear, lovely night. As I was editing this I thought of all the violence in Chicago, then thought of the song “From a Distance”.

I got permission from songwriter Julie Gold and her publisher Christine Bilich to use the song under this video.


Moon over Davenport

Moon over Davenport. Taken March 15, 2014

job hunter

Also taken March 15, 2014. This photo is a bit over-edited in an effort to make his sign text more visible. I told him I’d post his photo on this blog.


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