Protests in Ferguson, Missouri

This blogger went far out of territory to see what was happening in Ferguson, Missouri. 

Interviews with a few people at the local library: 




A slide show of photos of Ferguson, Missouri. Here’s some of the lovely parts of town you may never see on the news. Ninety-nine percent of Ferguson looks like this.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The video below shows where Michael Brown was killed. The woman wearing a navy blue dress shouted to those who passed by. Children, whose faces are obscured in these photos, drew chalk drawings on the sidewalk. Teens and young adults stood and stared. Two people actually took photos of themselves in front of the memorial.

Please note, when the woman shouts “Don’t back up” she’s not talking about traffic passing by. She’s referring to the history of civil rights.


One thought on “Protests in Ferguson, Missouri

  1. Show the real Michael Brown

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