Field of Dreams 25th Anniversary in Dyersville, Iowa

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Sportscaster Bob Costas starts this clip off screen by telling the audience that Dwier Brown’s father died only a month before he played the role of John Kinsella. Brown has penned a book entitled “If You Build It…” about that significant time in his life.

Kevin Costner spoke about the multi-generational appeal of this movie and why he thinks that makes it great. Many in the audience agreed.

This clip was created with a handheld camcorder zoomed in, thus the shakiness. There was a great deal of echo from the sound system so I hope these comments can be understood in spite of it. (I may have to transcribe them!)

It’s hard to hear due to the echo from the sound system, but Costner’s comment starts out, “The women in our lives are the healers. They’re the ones who want the fighting to stop…”

Timothy Busfield’s first story is about Amy Madigan who played Annie Kinsella. The story begins with how Amy and Tim went out to eat in Dyersville during filming, “And she told me one day when we were shooting she was offered a job by a woman who didn’t know who she was, and didn’t know she was in the movie, but just couldn’t get over how cute she was.”

At 1:18 into this clip is a section where Tim speaks of his great admiration for Burt Lancaster who played Moonlight Graham. Tim does a great imitation of the iconic actor as he disagreed with the director once.

I am aware that some of the audio, thanks to echo and crowd noise, is unintelligible. But it’s fun to see Busfield do his imitation of Lancaster’s mannerisms.

Then Tim shares a story from his childhood of when he saw Lancaster in a film he refers to as “The Swashbuckler”. Lancaster was never in a film by that name, but he was in one released in the late 1950s called “The Crimson Pirate”, so perhaps that’s the one Busfield saw?

Whatever film it was, Busfield says he came home that day and told his family he was going to be a movie star.


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