Silvis City Council

(If the video does not load try a different browser.

While attending a Silvis City Council meeting in 2012, a grandmother spoke to the board regarding the problem of abandoned homes leftover from the recession. This story came out of that city council meeting.

Where is Silvis, IL? 

A few people at the Silvis City Council said the house was unlocked and they said they’d seen teens using it as a hang-out. They also suspected at least one homeless person had used it as a refuge. That is why I made the decision to enter this house and film inside. It was common knowledge at the meeting that the back door was probably unlocked. I filmed inside to show the public how and why bats could easily get inside and nest in the attic. The house was red-tagged after this story was filmed.

As you can tell, the camcorder I used at the time did not have built-in image stabilization and it was hand-held most of the time, thus the shaky video.

July 17, 2012 – The Silvis City Council has approved an allocation of $45,000 for the removal of three homes, including the house at 158 10th Street.  No members of the public commented about the planned demolition during the regular board meeting Tuesday. The three homes have all been red-tagged and labeled non-habitable.

Details about when removal will begin are pending.

One member of the Zepeda family, the former residents of 158 10th Street, said in a private message, “that house used to be filled with love and laughter.”  She did not want to go into detail about how the family fell on hard times or have her identity published. She said that removing it would be the “kindest” thing to do at this point and that she didn’t want other family members to see the video story because it would break their hearts.

City officials said at an earlier meeting that there are about ten homes in Silvis that may have to be demolished because they are too dilapidated to renovate.


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