Andalusia City Council

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April 1, 2013: The Andalusia Village Board moved one step closer to road repairs Monday night by unanimously approving $4,000 in engineering expenses for the upcoming 2013 sealcoating road project.
The board also discussed plans for buying one or two new half-ton trucks next year for village use.
“The question is, how many trucks are we going to get and how are we going to pay for them?” said Trustee Darren Woeber.
“And are we going to buy new or used?” added Mayor Curtis Morrow.
No formal proposals were made on the topic of truck purchases. Woeber was advised by Trustee Pam Einfeltd that the public works committee would have to prepare a written proposal on that project.
The board also considered a zoning variance request from a church in escrow for the purchase of a commercial lot.
“They’re ready to close. They’ve got the money” said Morrow.
Current village ordinances approve the use of commercial parcels for many kinds of businesses but not specifically for a house of worship. The board deferred the variance request until a later meeting after Trustee Einfeltd said there were off-street parking issues to consider.
         Another ongoing concern for board members is the closure of Fancy Creek Road. The road was built by a real estate development company called Andalusia Ventures. That company, a casualty of the 2007-08 Wall Street meltdown, has since gone bankrupt. A dye test performed by the village showed evidence of erosion underneath the street, so as a precaution it was closed.

For now, Andalusia trustees have postponed discussion of how to pay for re-engineering and repairs to Fancy Creek Road. Several trustees said more research is needed as to who owns the road and properties surrounding it now and how to go about paying for the repairs.
The board also unanimously approved a request for a donation of $100 to the Rockridge School District for their 2013 academic achievement awards.
Other major expenditures from the general fund approved at the meeting were $3,309 for repairs to the village’s 2008 F350 Ford truck and $3,400 paid to MJH Engineering & Surveying to begin repairs to a portion of First Street.
Elections in the town of approximately 1,100 people will be held on Tuesday, April 9, 2013.


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