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“A Side of Kindness” Feeds Hundreds in Attempt to Establish New Record

Click and Listen: Interview with Angela Wilson, Activist

Update: According to Angela Wilson, the final numbers for this event were 758 guests and 742 dishes served.
       Hundreds of people enjoyed an abundance of generosity Sunday when the fledging charity “A Side of Kindness”, celebrated its one year anniversary with the largest potluck Davenport has probably ever seen.
    The group fell short of breaking the Guinness World Record, but by their 5 p.m. deadline they had still managed to feed an impressive 740 people. Plus, they had leftovers.
    Founder Angela Wilson explained the mission and method of her charity.
“A Side of Kindness serves their community by feeding homeless and underprivileged families. We always do it in a potluck setting. So we ask friends and family, colleagues, we do it in the masses, to make us meals so we can share them with these homeless and underprivileged families.”
Wilson started this project after being homeless herself.
“Of all the things you could choose to do, why did you decide to, you know, worry about the homeless?”
“Well, because I have been homeless before. I have fallen on hard times. God always seems to have sent an angel to me to make sure that I have food, to make sure that I have clothes. I mean, although I was homeless I didn’t have to live on the street. I did go to a shelter. So if God sent his angels to do that for me I need to do that for somebody else too.”
This is the third potluck the group has hosted this year. Participants were counted by receiving a wristband when they arrived. Entrees were also counted in an attempt to break the record. By about 1:30 Sunday they were up to 462 people fed.
Wilson said she found people to donate tables, chairs, food and everything else through social media and by reaching out to the local press. In addition to telling local newspapers and a radio station about the potluck, she made an appeared on Paula Sands’ Live TV show on KWQC on August 9.
The Guinness World Records organization has a specific set of guidelines A Side of Kindness had to follow, but Wilson said the application process was surprisingly easy.
The group’s next goal is to complete the 501c3 process to become a tax exempt organization. They have started a YouTube channel where they plan to post “10-10-10” videos to help teach people how to create healthier meals on a budget. “10-10-10” means the ingredients can be found in ten minutes or less in a grocery store, cost $10 or less to purchase, and the meal can be prepared in less than ten minutes.
Wilson says she and her board of directors have other plans for the future too.
“We want to start our own food bank, we want to have our own office, heck, we even want to be international for crying out loud. We can speak anything into existence.”
By the way, the world record for the largest potluck is 805 guests served. That meal was in Richmond, Texas in 2011.
Wilson said “A Side of Kindness” will be back next year to try to break the record again.

A Side of Kindness on Facebook
A Side of Kindness on YouTube


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