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Lujack Sales Promotion Gives Away Used Cars for Five Dollars 

Click and Listen: Five Diligent, Lucky Shoppers get $5 Cars

Transcript of story:

          “And the Annihilator approaching the first vehicle to be annihilated!”
And that’s how the five-dollar car sale started at Lujack’s Auto Sales in Davenport.
Well, it didn’t really start there. It started Friday afternoon when hundreds of people came in to choose a car, parked themselves in front of it, and waited for it to go on sale Saturday morning. They brought sleeping bags, blankets, folding chairs, coolers and food and camped out under the stars. Not everyone spent the night, but everyone who won a five dollar car did.
The first winner was 18-year-old Aaron Errington from Rock Island.
Neil Willis: “Five dollars!”
CarolineQC: “Did you stay here all night?”
A.E.: “Yes I did.”
CarolineQC: “And what made you choose, what is this, a Dodge Stratus?”
A.E.: “Yes.”
CarolineQC: “So why’d you choose this one?”
A.E.: “I like the color and I think it was the cheapest one over here.”
Aaron’s girlfriend, Gina, chose the car right next to his. It was marked down too but it still cost thousands of dollars.
CarolineQC: “Are you a little jealous or are you happy for him?”
Gina: “Yeah I’m a little jealous!”
A.E.: “Car of my dreams right here.”
Neil Willis, sales manager, dressed in a white cape and a hot pink “Grand Poobah” hat, traveled through rows of cars discounting prices about $3,000 per vehicle.
After about a half hour, the next car price got “annihilated”.
N.W.: “2005 Dodge Grand Caravan, annihilated!” (Cheers)
Karina Salinas: “I came in about 6 o’clock last night.”
Karina Salinas, winner of the minivan with the leather interior, brought her daughter and her daughter’s friend along for the night.
Daughter: “I stayed up until 4:30 a.m.”
CarolineQC: “Did you get any sleep at all?”
K.S. & daughter: “No.”
“She got about two hours; I got about four.”
CarolineQC: “Do you have a car now?”
K.S.: “Yeah and it’s worth about five dollars.”
And the last winner I had the chance to interview was Kandra Davis of Davenport. Her two nephews and a niece spent the night with her at Lujack’s.
K.D.: “I’ve been here…I want to say at 3 o’clock yesterday.”
CarolineQC: “And what made you choose the Jeep?”
K.D.: “I really like Jeeps. I had an SUV and it was the same color so.”
CarolineQC: “So you spent the night here all night with your aunt?”
Kids: “Yes.”
CarolineQC: “Just for fun.”
Kids: “We wanted the car. And it paid off!”
At the conclusion of the discounting the sales floor was crowded with people. Willis said it was a fun event,  but was it profitable?
N.W.: “You know, we’re never really sure how the profitability equation is going to work. We hope to make money because we’re not a non-profit organization, but we don’t always.”


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