Have you heard about “The Health Sherpa” site?

11.11.13     Love it or hate it, Americans now have the right to sign up for health insurance that cannot be denied or cancelled. But the government site, HealthCare.gov, which debuted at the start of October, has been buggy, unreliable and in a state of disrepair for weeks.
So three young code wizards from California decided to harvest the basic facts from the official site and build a helper site.  Their invention is called The Health Sherpa. It is a simple, bare presentation of arguably two of the most important questions health insurance seekers might ask: how much is my policy going to cost and will I qualify for a subsidy to help me pay for it?
I first heard of this site from CBS News.  Other stories about it can be found here and here.
The term “sherpa” refers to the Tibetan guides who lead climbers through the Himalayas with great skill. Happy climbing.


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